How Does $490 For A 960GB Crucial M500 SSD Sound?

How Does $490 For A 960GB Crucial M500 SSD Sound?

Speaking of solid-state drives and their competitive pricing, right now you can pick up a 960GB Crucial M500 for $US446.71 delivered, courtesy of the Black Friday sales in the States.

As OzBargain user “electronictomato” reports, for the next 45 hours, Amazon has the 960GB version of Crucial’s M500 SSD available for $US439, though it comes to $US446.71 when you add in shipping. Converting to Australian dollars, it works out to be $490.35 at current exchange rates.

Going by StaticIce, the cheapest local price is $679.50, sans postage, so you’re saving just shy of $200. That’s if you take up the offer, of course. Even at a little under $500, it’s still a lot of cash to put down on storage.

That doesn’t stop it from being ridiculously tempting… an early Christmas gift, perhaps?

Crucial M500 960GB SATA 2.5-Inch 7mm [Amazon, via OzBargain]


  • I know SSd’s are fast. but unless they break the 1GB size and become reasonably riced. I dont see the need to buy one! They are just wayyyy too small

    • At this point in time (or ever as they will never be cheaper than conventional HDD) you shouldn’t be looking at SSDs for mass storage. They are used for applications that require low response times and your OS. Not to store your entire back catalog of Dr Who on.

  • my C drive is a 1TB Velociraptor and its 53% empty. which is the sweet spot for having a fast drive anymore it bogs down!. so no im not after massive storage. I would use it the same way. but the cost/size/performance just isnt worth it for me atm

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