Hash Out That Business Idea In The Pub With Profitalculator

Hash Out That Business Idea In The Pub With Profitalculator

You’re in a pub, everyone’s had a few, and someone mentions how hard it is to get their hands on Hello Kitty stationary. Someone else agrees. After an awkward silence, you pipe up with, “Someone should really mass import that.” Profitalculator is a web tool for just such a situation.

The Profitalculator site is just a few sliders that determine your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly profit, as well as operating costs and costs of goods sold. Intended for those who aren’t that familiar with spreadsheets, it’s a fairly “traditional” take on business; it wouldn’t be the best tool for determining the profitability of a new-age app. But if you use your imagination, the amount of “units” you move can mean anything.

Creator Ivan Rostas hopes folks who don’t usually use similar tools will find his more accessible:

We are aimed at those for which the obvious tool, a spreadsheet, is not a daily use tool. Amateur app developers, home businesses, ebook writers etc can use our simple interface to assist them in determining whether their product or service is worth pursuing.

Whether you’re fluent in spreadsheets or not, it’s the equivalent of whipping out your phone and hopping onto IMDB to settle a debate about whether Nick Cage really was in that movie with the bees (he was), except for business ideas. Who knows how many great ideas never moved past their drunken conception? If you share your session, you can change the calculations in real-time, which is quite nifty. The world never needs to lack in Hello Kitty stationary again.


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