Give Your Kids Controllers That Aren't Plugged In For More Gaming Time


    Not sure if he's being a douche or being really smart....

    Pretty much every comment in the [year old] reddit thread says this does not work.

      As someone who has been doing this for years, I can guarantee it works... as long as they're under 3.

    This works for me as long as the controllers are connected, my three year old wants to see the lights on the controller. Didn't realise this was a secret though, surprised everyone isn't doing it!

    Wait... I think we are missing something important here. Aren't most controllers *wireless* now? This idea seems so 1990s...

      That's what I thought when I read the title too.

    This only worked up until my son was 18 months. At 24 months he could clock the Lego Batman demo. He's now almost 4.

    I still get my gaming time though, I just spend it with him playing together (for real). Today we just finished the story mode of Lego Marvel Superheroes. Recently he worked out how to read the GPS/mini-map in GTA5 (sound off, playing from a save game with no weapons, he just explores the city).

    Soon I plan on getting some multiplayer Minecraft action going on (he plays Minecraft ME on the phone now).

    I recommend instead of tricking your kids to get some game time in, play something they can join in with and get ready to be surprised at how quickly they can learn.

      Did a similar thing with my nephew. By Age 6 we had matching Nintendo Gameboys with Pokemon and were running through the games together. Also forced him to learn to read more and more too.

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