Get Email Alerts For Free Kindle Ebooks In Favourite Genres With IFTTT

If you want to build up a collection of great ebooks on your Kindle without spending a dime, Red Ferret has a simple but neat trick using Amazon’s individual RSS feeds and our favourite web automator, IFTTT.

It’s basically all about finding the right RSS subscription link based on the genre you like and then creating an IFTTT recipe to send alerts to your inbox when a new recipe is added to it. The alert is crucial, since many times, these ebooks are free only for a day or a short period, and you’d be kicking yourself if you missed it because you didn’t check your RSS feed that day.

Go to (or and choose your favourite book genre:

1. Go here —… (substitute for the UK store)

2. Click on Kindle eBooks in sidebar (or Books in UK)

3. Click on your favourite genre — e.g. Romance

4. Select sub topic if wanted (optional) (e.g. romance — vampires)

5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and copy the Subscribe to: Top Free > [Your genre] link

[Optionally you can click on the link, and then copy it into your clipboard from the address bar]

It will look something like this, with a different number depending on genre chosen:…

Once you have the link, set up an IFTTT recipe for it as instructed in the video above and you’ll be all set to get notified of free ebooks.

Amazon Hack: how to get free Amazon eBooks in your favourite genre delivered to your inbox every week [Red Ferret]


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