Find Exactly What You Want In Windows 8.1 With Just A Few Letters

In Windows 7, once you knew the right word, or combination of words, to type into the search box of the Start Menu, it's pretty easy to track down the exact application you want to run without diving through a bunch of menus. It's possible to take this a step further in Windows 8.1, with a couple of letters taking you directly to what you want.

Sergey Tkachenko over at WinAero did some experimenting with the search box on Windows 8.1's Start Screen and discovered that by putting in certain letter combinations, you can quickly access core parts of the operating system. Here's the list of combos he managed to find:

r d p = remote desktop connection — to connect to another PC w d = windows defender — to locate Windows Defender. r l = reading list — to find the Reading list app. l s se = lock screen settings — open the Lock screen settings.

gHack's Martin Brinkmann also had a play with the search box and come up with a few of his own, which you'll find below:

w m d = Windows Media Player n c s = Network Connection Settings c p = Control Panel pc s = PC Settings t o y = Turn Off Your PC wi u s = Windows Update Settings c f u = Check For Updates de se = Device Settings u a = Uninstall apps

If you're running 8.1, see if you can find some new ones and if you do, be sure to post about them here!

How to speed up search on the Start screen in Windows 8.1 [WinAero]


    w m d = Windows Media Player

    nearly correct, but you won't find WMDs that way

    Speaking of finding what you want, why is it that about 10% of Lifehacker posts are missing a comment section?

    I've checked from Chrome and Firefox on Windows, and Safari on iPhone. This has been occurring for weeks. I'm guessing this is not intentional as the first link above ends "Share your experience with us in the comments."

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