Dealhacker: Get 50% Off Domino’s Meat Lovers Pizza

Dealhacker: Get 50% Off Domino’s Meat Lovers Pizza

For the rest of the week, Domino’s Pizza is offering 50 per cent off Traditional Meatlovers pizzas when customers order online. As always, there are a couple of catches to be aware of (isn’t it always the way?)

The first and most significant catch is that the deal applies to pick-up orders only. Tch. Secondly, you have to “like” Domino’s on Facebook and then place your order through its ‘Global Pizza Week’ Facebook app. That’s a fair amount of effort to go through for a deal that’s limited to only one type of pizza.

Still, if you’re a fan of Meatlovers and live near a Domino’s store, it’s hard to argue with half-price. The deal runs until Sunday 8 December.


  • From Domino’s own nutrutional PDFs for this salty pizza:

    Avg Serving Size 71g (8 servings per pizza)

    Energy: 734kJ
    Protein: 8.3g
    Fat (Total): 6g
    Fat (Saturated): 3g
    Carbohydrate: 21.5g
    Sugars: 4.4g
    Sodium: 447mg

    Eat 1/2 (4 slices) of this pizza and you would be looking at almost 2 grams of sodium and 12 grams of saturated fat. Scary.

    • Seriously? Why would you bother doing that here?

      People who have clicked on this story clearly have an interest in Pizza, and listing the nutrition labels is unlikely to change their minds,

      Honestly, here is some proof:

      Simply put, the act of listing nutrition data does not have any impact on the decision making process of the individual; largely because they have already made their decision, and will ignore any information which disagrees with it; while actively looking for information which reinforces the accuracy of their initial opinion.

      If you don’t want to eat it, fine, but the way to create a healthier society is not through education; but through genetically altering enzyme production in foetuses to reduce neuronal structures in the dopamine reward centres which are responsible for higher ingestion of large hydrogen-coupled protein complexes.

      • I actually use the energy count at Macca’s, etc as a score. ie. “how much food am I getting for my money?”

        That said, when buying food in supermarkets, I do tend to look at the nutritional info and make a decision accordingly. What you might take from this is that people don’t care about the nutrition when they’re hungry and buying food to eat right then. On the other hand, when you’re NOT hungry, then you’re less impulsive and more likely to choose wisely.

        To bring this back on topic, pizza is a compulsive purchase (usually worsened by buying in a social/party setting), so you’re right in suggesting that the nutritional info is not getting looked at.

    • Deliciousness: 100%

      To be absolutely frank, those 4 slices of pizza for lunch then even a remotely averagely non fast food dinner will put you well within a healthy KJoule, fat and sodium quota… and you don’t even eat pizza every day.

    • Mmmmmmm tasty tasty calories. Seriously though, my beef with this deal (get it? meatlovers, beef) is that its for pick-up. If I’m going to ingest all of those calories I don’t want to have to leave the house and burn calories doing so.

  • Ooh that’s almost 2/3 of my daily sodium goals and 1/3 of my daily saturated fat goals for such a great price. SUPER FOOD!

  • Jeez Guys! Having a snack once every few weeks isn’t going to kill you!

    What’s wrong? Scared that you don’t have the will power to taste such delicious food and then continue on your unsatisfying vegan hipster diets?

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