Dealhacker: 25c Petrol Discount At Coles

Dealhacker: 25c Petrol Discount At Coles
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Capping off the end of the year, Coles is offering a solid 25c discount on petrol purchases when you spend over $100 on your groceries.

We’ve noted before that petrol discounts might not be good news for petrol prices overall, and fairly obviously it’s only a really worthwhile deal if you’re going to spend that much on your weekly shop in any case.

The deal offer expires today, but Coles offers a four week expiry on the actual discounts, so even if petrol prices do spike up in the meantime there’s a bit of leeway for actually filling up.

Fuel Discount [Coles via OzBargain]


  • Not sure this is something that needs advertising here… Unless of course, you are actually advertising for a company that is known to artificially manipulate prices and put non Coles related stations out of business…?

    • Was thinking the same thing. Didn’t Coles and Woolworths recently say they weren’t going to do these large discounts anymore?

      • Yes, after the ACCC effectively forced their hand.

        No more crazy discounts unless they are from within the fuel outlet itself, not the supermarket.

        I’m yet to see how this might actually play out, I’m sure there’ll be some creativity…

  • I had heard there was a crackdown but I am yet to see any evidence of it. My father in law is taking advantage of a current offer where he can link his FlyBuys card to Coles and every time he does the weekly shop he gets a 40c/L discount.

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