Catch Lifehacker Talking Google On The Project

Catch Lifehacker Talking Google On The Project

Lifehacker Australia was on The Project last night, offering a few insights on Google’s annual Zeitgeist search trends. Missed it? You can catch the piece online.

The Google segment is at around 33:48. We apologise in advance for inspiring the show to include the budgie smuggler footage.

The Project


  • I’m just curious if anyone has even a modicum of respect for this show?

    I watched it a few times and it didn’t seem to have any goals but to be endlessly ‘edgy’ – but in a way that might appeal to the 40-60 year old crowd who then go to their kids and say “I know what’s up, I watch The Project!”

    To me it’s the modern equivalent of Today/Tonight

    • Agreed, the stories that I’ve seen were all half baked. For the most part, I think the presenters get just enough information about a subject that doesn’t remotely interest them, and they flesh it out with trite quips, to make it interesting to people who also have no interest. Basically, it’s yet another show that panders to the lowest common denominator, because, well people who do like this stuff are half baked…!

    • The one-up it has on TT/ACA is it doesn’t sink itself down to the level of having dodgy plumber stories or stories of shopping centres being overtaken by Asians.

      Not saying it’s perfect, but it’s a breath of fresh air from Seven and Nine. It worked better in the half-hour format because the idea was to be a quick bite of news with a bit of humour.

    • I’m curious, do they pay you? expenses? or do you do it just for the exposure?

      Probably can’t say anyway :/

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