Build Your Own Survival USB Charger That Plugs Into Anything

Build Your Own Survival USB Charger that Plugs Into Anything

You never know where you'll be getting your power from in a survival situation. More often than not, it won't be from a regular outlet, so Instructables user Noise Maker decided to make a universal charger that can pull power from just about any source.

Using a voltage regulator, a USB jack, an old USB charger, and a few other parts, Noise Maker built a USB charger that plugs into the power source with clips instead of a plug. After a lot of tinkering and soldering of parts, the charger uses alligator clips so it can plug into batteries, solar chargers, and just about anything else that has at least 7 volts going through it. You certainly wouldn't want to use it all the time, but it'll make a good addition to your survival gear.

Survival USB Charger: Use any power source to charge your smartphone [Instructables]


    Looks interesting - though am very happy with my big boy all the same,
    eBay link--> (not affiliated with company)

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