Avoid Awkward Holiday Silences With Conversational Card Games

Avoid Awkward Holiday Silences With Conversational Card Games

The holidays can be littered with moments of awkwardness when family comes to visit whom you don’t usually connect with. The conversational heavy lifter can’t always be in the room, and there are those “in-between” moments. In-between meals, in-between activities… Thankfully, conversation card games are on the rise.

These can range anywhere from a lighthearted “getting to know you” to a downright evil “I’m going to Hell for laughing at this”. No prizes for guessing the latter refers to the massively popular Cards Against Humanity. Maybe keep that one away from Nana.

But they’re otherwise a great idea to bring out to pass some time, and find new subjects to connect with friends & family on. I’m a big fan of games like The Metagame, which is similar to Cards Against Humanity in its format of question and answer cards.

Alain de Botton has 100 Questions to either ask outright, or perhaps just leave on the coffee table, awaiting discovery. And electronic versions of the same idea exist, such as the Conversation Cards iOS app.

There’s enough time to find one you like and have it in the living room before it’s full of discarded wrapping paper. And if none of that appeals, hell, no one’s stopping you from making your own!


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