Ask LH: What Security Software Do I Need For My New Mac?

Hey Lifehacker, I just bought a MacBook Air in the Black Friday Sales. What is the best security software for it? Thanks, Mac Newbie

Dear MN,

Our App Directory choice for the best Mac security suite is Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac. It’s free, it’s effective, and it’s from a reputable company. That post also outlines the pros and cons of the main alternatives, so check it out.

Remember that security (whatever computer you use) isn’t simply a matter of the software in place. You also play a vital role. By following some obvious but often-ignored principles — choosing secure passwords and using more than one, not clicking on links in emails, avoiding dubious or free software installs, and being cautious about sharing personal information — you’ll minimise any risks. Enjoy your new Mac!


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