Ask LH: How Can I Buy A Suit That Suits Me?

Ask LH: How Can I Buy A Suit That Suits Me?

Hi Lifehacker,I’m in the market for a new work suit. Due to my very skinny figure – I’m a 62kg 178cm male – I always feel like a walking clothes hanger wearing a big baggy suit, even when I get them fitted and adjusted by professionals. What should I be looking for in a suit that will look good while not feeling like I’m wearing an academic gown? Thanks, Suited Up

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Dear Suited Up,

As it happens, we’ve just featured a detailed guide to how to choose a suit, so we’ll point you to that for some specific pointers and thoughts on colours.

Our basic advice, however? If you’re really worried about how the suit looks, consider having a bespoke completely tailored from scratch. Yes, this is more expensive than buying a suit off-the-rack and having it adjusted, but you can have it fitted to your exact body type. No matter how skilled your tailor, there are limits to the changes that can be made to an existing manufactured suit.


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  • Suited Up,

    Because of my build I to when I suit up I go bespoked, however depending on who you get this from they will cost more than an off the rack suit from a major retailer or even a factory outlet.

    Depending on which state you are from I can recommend a company I use and they are cost the same as an off the rack suit.

    If you are interested let me know? As I do believe they will travel interstate, however only when they traveling interstate & not for an appointment request.


  • I’m not sure that this article really helped that much, and the article link certainly did not address the problem…

    My advice – try stores suited to skinny people, and go for fashion suits – they tend to be almost ridiculously tailored to stick figures – Jack London and Zara are two to mention.

    • Yeah, this article didn’t seem to address the thrust of the question, which is basically that off-the-rack suits (especially from places like Myer, DJ, or Lowes) are going to aim toward the larger gent.

      My recommendation is Tarocash, y.d., and Roger David. They’re not ‘suit stores’ specifically, but they often have them anyway. And on special, surprisingly often. They usually have suits which are shaped very well for a slimmer build, and they will take your measurements and send them away for fitting if you need to tighten up the back a little or adjust hems.

      Also, if you’re ever spending any time in Asia, try finding a tailor there. They’re far more reasonably priced than the tailors here, and do great work.

  • bespoke completely tailored from scratch

    @anguskidman – this is a useless tautology at best. You don’t have a bespoke tailored – clothes ARE bespoke for you.

    Thought you might enjoy knowing this given your constantly trying to grammar-nazi everyone ^_^

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