AllCast Is A DLNA Streamer For Android

Android: Previously mentioned AllCast has finally landed on the Play Store. As with the trial version, you can use it to stream your local videos to nearly any DLNA device.

As with the original version, the one device that isn’t supported is Google’s Chromecast dongle. However, as that’s not on sale in Australia yet, that’s not a major issue.

The free version of the app has a limit on video length, plus some advertising, but you can eliminate all of that with the $5.60 premium version. The developer promises that support for the Chromecast is coming “in the future”.

AllCast [Google Play Store via The Verge]

AllCast Premium [Google Play Store]


  • I discovered that you can use this with your Google Drive files by holding down the file and selecting Send Link. Not quite as intuitive as it is in Dropbox, but it works all the same.

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