Zillow Digs Showcases Home Improvement Projects, Complete With Costs

Zillow Digs Showcases Home Improvement Projects, Complete with Costs

iOS: Two of the most challenging things about home renovations are figuring out what you want to do with the space and estimating how much it's going to cost you. Zillow Digs solves both of those problems by showcasing over 400,000 project photos plus cost estimates.

Using the app for inspiration and information is easy. You can filter the photos by room or space (including home offices, home theatres, exteriors and gardens), as well as colour and cost (budget, mid-range or luxury).

The cost estimates are based on your location and calculated by Zillow, which analyses the materials, room size and approximate labour rate — so it's not an exact cost but rather a starting point for discussion with your contractor. Not all photos have estimated costs, but many include other details, such as names of the paint colours.

You can save photos to different boards, Pinterest-style, view similar rooms and contact the home contractor directly from the app.

All in all, the free app is a great tool for anyone interested in upgrading their home.

Digs by Zillow (free) [iTunes App Store]


    Of course, somebody who has a bit of nous can cut those in half at least.

    It seems that ever since hitting TV, renovations have been become more about picking colours, then paying people to do the rest.

    Microwave above the stove?

    Worst. Place. Ever.

      Obviously picked by a tall skinny person that never wears dresses, coats, woolen jumpers or aprons. Although I guys it might just be a person that can't cook but then surely you would put it near the fridge?

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