From The Tips Box: YouTube Watch History, Rechargeable Batteries, Scrambled Eggs

From The Tips Box: YouTube Watch History, Rechargeable Batteries, Scrambled Eggs
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Readers offer their best tips for your YouTube watch history, keeping pairs of rechargeable batteries, and making inside-the-shell scrambled eggs.

Every day we receive stacks of great reader tips. From the Tips Box is where we round up some of our favourites. Got a tip of your own to share? Add it in the comments or send it using our [contact text=”contact form”].

YouTube Re-Enables Watch History After Google+ Switch

Kevin Du shares some good news about your YouTube watch history:

FYI, YouTube re-enabled watch history after switching to Google+. I just wanted to give a reminder to those who paused web history way back when it was disabled.

Keep Pairs of Rechargeable Batteries at the Same Charge Level

Drakaji shares a good tip when using rechargeable batteries:

I’ve had my rechargeable batteries for a while. Most gadgets I use require pairs of batteries. To keep pairs charged around the same level so that one doesn’t run out before the other, I mark mine with Roman numerals so I can quickly see which two are a pair.

You could easily improve on this with the use of colour or others symbols that have some meaning to you and are visible at a glance.

Photo by mjtmail (figgy)

Scramble Eggs in the Shell with a Tennis Ball and String

Terry shares an interesting way to scramble eggs inside the shell:

I like scrambled eggs. I really like golden eggs, which is when you scramble the eggs while still in the shell. This video shows a simple way to scramble eggs inside the shell, with instructions for steaming them hard boiled.