What Takeaway Food Would You Like To See Served On Planes?

For the second year in a row, Japan Airlines is offering KFC as an in-flight meal as a Christmas special. Would the Colonel cheer up your seasonal flight, or would you prefer another option?

I'll admit it: I could probably be tempted by a Big Mac onboard, though that's not the kind of food that would work well for reheating (so I might just have to make my own). Pizza will reheat better (and Qantas does occasionally offer this).

What takeaway would make the skies friendlier for you? Tell us in the comments.


    What Takeaway Food Would You Like To See Served On Planes?None...!
    The smell alone wafting around the cabin will make you either hungry or sick....

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    Bento Box! Yeepee.... love seafood when its made well and fresh.

      "Love seafood when its made well and fresh".
      It's airplane food. Good luck with that.

    We could like, you know, have a meal that wasn't exactly the same as all the other meals we were offered on the way to the airport and in the terminal. God forbid we don't have 24/7 fast food access everywhere.

    if food science develops to a point where a meal is developed that prevents people from passing gas, then whatever that meal is.

    Absolutely no Junk Food on planes thank you very much.

    The smell would be inescapable.

    pasta would be good, and relatively easy to prepare

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