What Does The ABC Pay Its IT Staff?

What Does The ABC Pay Its IT Staff?

Salaries are one of those topics we all love to discuss (unless we’re asked to reveal our own). So I won’t pretend I wasn’t curious about what the senior IT staff at the ABC earn.

The figures for 2011-2012 were revealed in an article at the Australian which discusses salaries for both on-air and off-air staff. The Australian breathlessly headlined its piece “On air and off, the ABC spares no expense on its stars”, which is not that surprising given the paper’s years-long campaign to sledge the ABC at every possible opportunity.

That claim that people are overpaid doesn’t seem justified for the technology workers, though. These are the technology salaries revealed in the article for IT-related positions:

Role Salary
Director ABC Innovation $334,225
Director Technology $315,500
Deputy Director Technology $198,700
Controller Multiplatform $186,863

We noted yesterday that a typical CIO in Sydney could receive as much as $350,000 right now. Against that background, those figures don’t seem particularly excessive.

On air and off, the ABC spares no expense on its stars [The Australian via TV Tonight]


  • The salaries tell half the story. Generous leave provisions, 15+% Superannuation, Leaseback vehicle options, Travel allowances, Solid job security, Overtime… You’re still in the public sector working for the ABC – you’re getting looked after.

    • When Government tax dollars in excess of $1,000,000,000 is given to the ABC – you can afford to pay for those conditions.

      The question is are we getting value for money?

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