Watch A YouTube Clip And Read Its Comments At The Same Time With Video Pinner

The comments section of your average YouTube video is rarely overflowing with pearls of wisdom, but from time to time, they can be helpful to read — for example, if you're looking for a higher-quality version of a clip, or related content that might not appear via YouTube's regular channels.

Rather than having to choose between reading comments and watching the video, a helpful Chrome extension allows you to do both.

Video Pinner, which can be found on the Chrome Web Store as a free download, is as lightweight as an extension gets, weighing in at 5KB. Once installed, it requires no additional configuration and works automatically, fixing the video to the top of the browser window, providing you with the freedom to scroll through the comments without losing sight of the player.

Fans of Vimeo, Dailymotion and similar hosters will be disappointed to learn Video Pinner only works for YouTube (a fact mentioned in extension's description), but it doesn't take a massive leap to see how the functionality could be added to support additional sites.

Video Pinner [Chrome Web Store, via AddictiveTips]


    uhhh, will this thing still work given the major update to not only the the comment system, but seemingly the way the comment section is written into the page. (though I have found a video that somehow still has the old system, yet more evidence that the update was launched before it was finished)

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