Use An Arduino To Automate Your Lights Based On An Astronomical Clock

Use An Arduino To Automate Your Lights Based On An Astronomical Clock
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If you live in a place where sunrise and sunset varies a lot throughout the year, you know that setting up an automatic lighting system in your home (or garden) is a pain. DIYer Paulo Renato’s solution was to hook up his lighting system to an Arduino that taps into an astronomical clock.

The Arduino uses latitude and longitude to help decide when to click on the lights, so it’s incredibly accurate. Otherwise, the build just includes an on/off switch, a Tiny RTC, a time adjustment button and a few other parts. It’s a bit overengineered if you live in a place where daylight doesn’t vary that much, but it can help automate your lights accurately.

Arduino Astronomical Clock for Automatic Light Control| Paulo Renato via Hack a Day


  • I have an amazing system in my home. when it gets dark. my eyes signal my brain the the light level is lower. so it dilates my pupils. I then get up off my chair and flick the fucking switch on!

    • You have no business on this website if that’s the only thing you can talk about – This is a life-hacker community, not a criticize-people-who-make-life-easier community.

    • They’re great for winter to close curtains when the sun goes down to keep some heat in. Not all of us are at home sitting on a chair all day long.

    • I have an amazing system in my home. When it gets dark, my eyes signal my legs to take me outside, so I can cut down a tree, cut it up and bring some of the pieces inside. I then walk over to the fireplace and start a fucking fire!

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