Twanker App Lets You Name And Shame Self-Centered Bieber Wannabes

Twanker App Lets You Name And Shame Self-Centered Bieber Wannabes

We all have that one friend who is constantly taking Instagram “selfies”, often accompanied by some inane quote that they think encapsulates their jammin’ lifestyle. They also seem to update their Facebook profile pic on a daily basis. The appropriately named “Twanker” is a new iPhone app that lets you cut these narcissistic nobodies down to size.

“Twanker gives you the power to single out your friends, family and even the unsuspecting public who take their obsession with themselves just too far,” the company explains on its website. “[Our app] is here to name and shame.”

The Facebook-connected app involves three simple steps:

  1. Choose an image from Facebook or take your own snap of the serial-selfie offender (preferably in the midst of an excruciating duck face/Zoolander pout).
  2. Add a suitably cutting caption to your selected photo.
  3. Hit publish and let the shaming begin!
  4. The Twanker image is saved to your camera roll and automatically posted on your Facebook timeline and Twitter feed. Unfortunately, this means that the ‘Twankered’ individual will know who the culprit was. But as the old adage goes, “if you can’t say something to somebody’s face you shouldn’t say it at all.”

    On the plus side, you can disable the Twitter and Facebook options if you just want to amuse yourself in private.

    The Twanker app is currently only available for iOS devices. You can download it by heading to Apple’s App Store.

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