Top 10 Touch Apps For Windows 8 Tablets

So you've got yourself a shiny new Windows tablet? Good on you! I bet it's great. You're going to need some apps on that soon, so why not try the best touch apps out there?

Fresh Paint

Much as Paper is to iOS, Fresh Paint is the best drawing, painting and artistry app currently available for Windows.

Blend and mix colours to get your palette just right, before using oil, watercolour, pencil and brushes together the help you make beautiful digital art.


Australian-developed MetroTwit brings Twitter fully into the Windows 8 world. Support for multiple Twitter accounts and easily customised views make it a breeze to keep track of your favourites.


Windows 8.1 finally has its own bespoke Facebook app! Don't waste time on the imitators, use the real deal, uncut from the secret stash of Zuckerberg.

Halo Spartan Assault

Grab your weapon, Spartan! Spartan Assault allows you to command your elite soldier through 30 different missions against the Covenant.

Xbox SmartGlass

SmartGlass makes sharing content between your Windows 8 device and your Xbox 360 easy, whether that's to switch a movie from one device to the other or use your tablet or laptop as a second screen for gaming.


Want to gorge on some comics? The Comics app from comiXology offers 300,000 titles from 75 publishers. There's a healthy selection of free titles so you can get a feel for the app, and a touch screen is a natural way to read comments.


Another obvious use for a touch screen: annotating documents and photographs. Skitch handles the task well, and the Evernote integration (it also comes from the Evernote team) is an added bonus.


OneNote is the first Office app to jump fully into the Windows 8 environment, using an innovative pop-up scroll wheel to select options. It syncs easily with existing OneNote notebooks so you can access them on a range of devices.

Social Dribble

It's a Metro-era take on the screensaver. Pick a hashtag and Social Dribble will display tweets that match in big-screen format.

FL Studio Groove

The FL Studio music production software family hits windows 8 touchscreens! This version — specifically optimised for touch-based control — lets you program drum samples using a 10 pad drum machine. You also get 5 polyphonic synth channels and all the tools you need to create, arrange and sketch out musical ideas on your Windows 8 tablet or touchscreen Ultrabook.

Angus Kidman also contributed to this article


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