Today's Google Doodle Makes Rorschach Inkblots

Today marks the 129th birthday of Hermann Rorschach, the man who pioneered the use of analysing interpretations of inkblots as a form of psychological testing. Google is marking the occasion with an interactive Google doodle on its home page that generates a new inkblot each time you click on it.

The doodle also invites you to share your interpretation on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ (hope springs eternal in Mountain View, it seems). I can't say it's a productivity enhancer, but it's good fun.


    So what does it say about my mental health that all I see is black blobs?

    Oh wait, I did just see a kitty and a butterfly in one. KITTY!

      Over-exposure to YouTube and a shortened attention span. You are emotionally delicate, and your words have a much greater impact than you think...
      Basically, I have no idea what I'm doing. Probs best to ask a professional. :D

    I shall see a butterfly in the forefront and I am close to it and view two on the right and two more to the left. I feel as such I am the one in the forefront and eternal springs unto me.

    I saw many things
    Kitty with Butterfly
    White Bear
    Two Jokers holding hands
    Two small Dynosourous playing with balls
    Door Key hole

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