The Traveller’s Workspace

The Traveller’s Workspace

Some home offices are ever-evolving workspaces. Like this one, which is filled with items collected by the owners, and tells a story about the places they’ve been and people they’ve loved.

The workspace belongs to designer, photographer and online furniture owner Laura Parrish, and her also multitalented fiance Nick. She says of the office:

I get a lot of my style from each of my parents. My dad’s tales of vintage Boston (“in the old days this was…”), I find myself being drawn to knick-knacks that have that same story: “…this chair came from an old school, these suitcases used to belong to my grandmother, this cabinet belonged to a doctor in the 30’s.”

Our home office is a real life mood board for the work we do, and the places we’ve been. It’s always changing, and always becoming more “us.”

Hit up the link below for more photos and workspace philosophy.

Laura’s Whimsical Eclectic Home Office [Apartment Therapy]