Televised Tracks Your Favourite Shows, Alerts You To New Episodes

iOS: If there are TV shows that you hate to miss, Televised is a new iPhone app that will help you keep track of them. It notifies you when new episodes air (in your location and time zone), shows you episode summaries and lets you read more about the shows you're interested in.

The video above does a great job of breaking down the app's features. Televised can keep track of your programs, whether they're big, popular dramas and sitcoms or smaller TV shows. The app supports international shows too, so you don't have to stick to the major networks to make use of it. You can add shows to your "watch list" and get notifications when a new episode is about to air, read a synopsis of prior episodes, learn more about a series you're interested in, and mark episodes as watched so you know which ones you've seen and which ones you've missed.

The app also provides a visual, poster-style view of all of your followed shows. Hit the link below to grab it from the iTunes App Store. The free version lets you track three shows. If you want to track more, you'll need to drop $1.99 via an in-app purchase.

Televised (free) [iTunes App Store via Televised]


    Sweet! My RSS feeds don't always work 100% :)


    Edit - meant as reply to @TPPwillmakeusallpaymore

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    It's showing US details to me... (not complaining)

    I've been using for similar functionality. It doesn't have reminders, but on the plus side is free and not limited to IOS.

    Sickbeard with Prowl does this all for me.

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