Teamviewer Beta Adds Wake-On-LAN And Two-Factor Authentication

Windows/Mac/Linux: Teamviewer, one of our favourite online meeting and remote troubleshooting tools, just unveiled a new beta that's packed with new features. Users can now boot or wake up computers using wake-on-LAN, connect with smartphones and tablets, and use two-factor authentication for added security.

The new beta is available today. The new two-factor authentication feature works as you'd expect — you can log in to a remote PC using a smartphone or tablet and a password, but you'll also be prompted for a passcode delivered to your mobile phone in order to finish the login. It's ideal for sensitive systems or for an added layer of security. Wake-on-LAN lets you turn on a PC and connect via Teamviewer from anywhere, including the Teamviewer apps for iOS and Android.

There are some other new features too, including a new universal clipboard that lets you copy and paste entire files across computers, the ability to share files without starting a remote access session first, and updated notifications. Hit the link below to learn more and try out the beta yourself.

Teamviewer Beta


    I'm having issues with the Mac version. The connection keeps closing and reconnecting , then stays connected for about 30 seconds before disconnecting again.

    Login from your phone using a one-time code sent to the same phone! Security at its finest, folks.

    Note: This is a major gripe security experts have against Twitter's 2-factor authentication as well, seeing as it does the same thing.

    and for WP8 as well. Why do you guys keep forgetting WP8 every time :(

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