Su Chef Finds And Filters Recipes, Tells You What To Make For Dinner

iOS: Su Chef makes finding new recipes to try and figuring out what to cook simple. Just run down the screen and tick off the things you're interested in, your dietary preferences and what you have on-hand, and the app will sort and filter recipes and show you the results. Think of it as "advanced search" for food.

The video here shows you how the app works. You can search for dishes and recipes based on ingredients you already have (it even supports voice search, so you can add ingredients by reading them off), or search based on criteria — for example, main ingredient, type of cuisine, which meal you're making, how long you have to cook and any special dietary preferences.

From there, the app filters through recipes on the web and shows you the ones that match your selections. You can tap or swipe to read more or add them to your favourites, or open up the full recipe (you're handed off to Safari for this). You can also add the ingredients to your grocery list, but all this really does is dump the ingredients list into a document — meaning you'll have "1/3 cup flour" on your shopping list instead of just "flour". Still, it's nice to have.

Su Chef isn't as robust as some other tools we've discussed, but it does make searching for and filtering hundreds of recipes a really quick process. Hit the link below to give it a try; it's $1.99 in the iTunes App Store.

Su Chef ($1.99) [iTunes App Store]


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