Smile In A Mirror For Better Phone Interviews

Smile in a Mirror for Better Phone Interviews

Phone interviews are increasingly being used by recruiters to screen candidates. To ace your next one, be more aware of smiling constantly, says Paul Bailo, author of The Essential Phone Interview Handbook.

Remember to smile: You can't sound bored or uninterested if you have a smile on your face. Put a mirror on your desk to see your facial expressions when you talk. You have no body language with which to reinforce your personality; it's all about the voice.

Talking to Fast Company, Bailo suggests a few other methods, including ones we have suggested earlier, including dressing up even if the other person can't see you. He also advises looking up your interviewer online so that you can cobbect a face to the voice on the other end. We have plenty more tips for nailing that phone interview, so check them out.

How to nail your next phone interview [Fast Company]


    Yes your tone is very important, but you shouldn't really need any tricks or strategies to help you with that.

    Just be yourself, that is, as long as you're professional and polite.

    Don't dismiss the telephone interview as a 2 minute chat in which a recruiter is desperate to talk to you. It may be. Or, it may be a professional discussion in which the recruiter/employer is giving you their time to identify the suitability of your application.

    Take the process seriously.

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