Search Google Drive Menus With A Keyboard Shortcut To Find The Commands You Need

Google Drive's productivity apps don't offer the same range of features as a full-blown desktop suite, but finding the options you want in its menus can still be tricky sometimes. Fortunately, you can use a keyboard shortcut to search the menus for the options you want.

Tech writer Helen Bradley points out that the Alt-/ shortcut allows you to search through Google Drive's menus. Not sure how to add a page break? Type Alt-/, then type 'page break' into the search box that appears, and you'll be presented directly with the menu option (and the associated keyboard shortcut).

This isn't utterly ideal for learning, since you're not shown the context where the item actually appears. However, it's a lot more efficient than clicking your way through the menus. If you're converting your workplace to Google Drive, this shortcut is definitely worth documenting and explaining to staff.

Google Docs Search the Menus [Helen Bradley]


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