Remove A Stuck Ring From Your Finger With Windex

Remove a Stuck Ring From Your Finger With Windex

If a ring is stuck too tight on your finger, you can try what the pros in the emergency room do: spray some Windex. That's what broadcaster and writer Buzz Bishop learnt in a recent mishap.

When Bishop's ring finger was injured and the ring wouldn't come off, doctors feared they'd have to cut it off. But that's when a nurse showed up with a bottle of Windex.

A few squirts on my finger and a gentle rotating tug and it was off. I was expecting soap, or vaseline, or something like that, but .. nope. Windex.

The nurse said Windex is not only a lubricant, but it has properties that makes your skin shrink a little bit making it easier to come off.

Pretty handy to have a bottle of that stuff around, since it can also help you fix stuck zippers.

Life Hacks From The ER: How To Remove A Ring That's Stuck On Your Finger [Buzz Bishop]


    A jeweller told me that in his opinion the best way to remove or put on tight rings was to stick the finger in your mouth and coat it with saliva. It does work well and doesn't leave any chemical residue on the ring. Not everyone has a bottle of Windex to hand at all times.

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