Reminder: Today Is ‘Free Slurpee Day’ At 7-Eleven

Reminder: Today Is ‘Free Slurpee Day’ At 7-Eleven

From today through to 11th of November, 7-Eleven is offering free small Slurpees to its customers. To score your freebie, you’ll need a voucher though. Here’s how to get yours.

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To claim your free Slurpee, head to the 7-Eleven website and fill in the details on the front page. Shortly after, you should receive an email containing a printable voucher that you can then trade in for a free small Slurpee (350ml).

Available flavours include Cola, Raspberry, Mango Zilched, Honeydew Melon, Sour Blueberry, Creamy Soda, Orange Mandarin, Lemon Meringue and Banananaa, although you may have to do some hunting for the latter two.

There’s a limit of one voucher per email address. However, each voucher covers up to four children when accompanied by an adult. It doesn’t seem to track your IP address either, which means you could download multiple vouchers using dummy email accounts, if you were that way inclined.

The voucher will remain valid until 11 November.

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    • Or use more paper, since as with most commercial crops – for every tree they take, they generally plant at least 3 once the site is ready for reclamation.

  • I can’t help but feel partly responsible for the event being so lame now.

    The first year they did it you just had to show up and take a cup. I travelled around Brisbane with a group of 6 people and we hit every 7-11 we could find (which I think was at least 7).

    It was an awesome day.

  • Stupid WA and their stupid lack of 7-11. I put my Perth postcode into their store locator and the nearest one that shows up is in Geelong North

  • We don’t have 7-11 in Perth.

    Never knew it was an Australian thing now always that is was only in America.

    • We have one, right in the city heh.

      In Sydney or Melbourne you can’t go more than a few blocks without finding one heh.. Which is cool, because 7/11’s rock.

      • In most Asian countries, there’s a 7/11 every 50 metres… on both sides of the road, and they’re much better stocked than our ones. The nearest 7/11 is open 24 hours and serves as a grocery, liquor store and fast food joint all in one. And I’m not talking reheated, 2 week old sausage rolls… I’m talking fresh beef patties and buns with salad bar, and ham/cheese toasties. You can walk down at midnight to pick up a bottle of whiskey and armful of food for like… $10.

        • Well.. Thanks for not rubbing it in, Mate.

          I walk 4km round trip to the nearest McDonalds, which I can only go to until 11pm since after that it’s drive through only and I don’t drive. Welcome to Perth.

  • Things like this suck for those of us who have fructose intolerance 🙁

    i use to love slurpee’s!!

    • they now have two flavours of slurpee with less than 1% sugar if that helps? Mango and Fruit Salad. I don’t think ANY slurpee has ever gone near anything resembling an actual fruit

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