Remember To Celebrate Go Home On Time Day

Today is Go Home On Time Day, a chance to recognise that we often work insane hours and make ourselves far too available to our corporate overlords. Life shouldn't be solely about work.

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The infographic below highlights another important issue: while many of us feel overworked, there are also people who would like more work. Either way, striking a balance is important — not just today, but every day.

Go Home On Time Day


    I used to be chronic at overworking. But one of my managers gave me some advice, look after your own company first. Now I put my family and myself before my job. When I walk out that door I am off the clock, don't even bother trying to contact me. I am a marketing manager not a surgeon, nothing is urgent enough that it can't wait until tomorrow.

    i've had a few late nights the last few weeks, 10:45 being the latest last thursday. will be keen to take this on board today!

    Too bad this doesn't happen in hospitality! When im running a wedding, im there from 10am till 4am, two to three times a week. It gets a bit galling!

    Well.... now it's ironic, Go Home On Time Day, but my train lost power, then the train I needed also lost power so although I finished school earlier than usual that day, I ended up home one hour later than usual.

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