Recycle Plastic Bags Into A Strong, Waterproof Rope Without Any Tools

Do you have a lot of leftover plastic shopping bags? Instead of tossing them, Instructables user foobear put them to use by turning them into a strong, water-resistant rope. It's not too difficult, going by his guide, and he reckons that a single strand can take his weight. The best part? It can be done without any tools.

You are going to need a lot of plastic bags, which you probably already have. Flatten them, cut them into two (between the handles) and make a chain out of them, which you then braid together to form the rope. Since it's plastic, it's not going to be affected by rain either, so you could use it for a hammock or swing. However, one of the commenters suggests being careful when using it outdoors, since some plastics biodegrade with sunlight.

Cutting the bags into two can be done with your hands, but it will be easier with a pair of scissors. Similarly, you can use your foot to hold the chain, but it's easier if you use a clamp. While the no-tools method is an option, it's more convenient to use simple tools where you can.

Very strong shopping bag rope - no tools needed [Instructables]


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