Is Social Streaming Music, Ready To Fill’s Shoes Is Social Streaming Music, Ready To Fill’s Shoes

There’s something special about playing music for a crowd. has a vibrant community of listeners and DJs filling rooms packed with music you can listen to, save or download.

The service supports YouTube videos, so most of the DJs will play tracks straight from there as opposed to uploading their own songs or searching a built-in music library. You’ll notice a few other subtle differences too — instead of thumbing songs up or down, you “woot!” or “meh” them, and the view is from the DJ’s perspective looking at the crowd, as opposed to the crowd looking up. Instead of rotating four or five DJs, there’s a waitlist that anyone in the room can join to play a song and then step aside to go back to the end of the line — it gives more people a chance to be DJs.

To use, you have to log in with Twitter, Facebook or a Google account, but it’s completely free and easy to use. If you want to create a room for you and your friends to rock out, hit the link below to check it out.