PAX Australia 2014 Tickets On Sale Now

PAX Australia 2014 Tickets On Sale Now

Gaming convention PAX Australia 2014 is more than a year away, but tickets have gone on sale today. We’d advise getting in quick if you’re planning to attend.

Normally we’d have saved mentioning this until our daily Briefly post, but we suspect that those tickets will get snapped up quite quickly. The only reason that might not happen is that demand appears to have completely swamped the registration site — it’s 503ing as I write this. Kotaku has plenty more detail on what’s going down at PAX 2014.

Tickets For PAX Australia Are Now On Sale! [Kotaku]


  • Err, don’t you mean less than a year away considering PAX has been moved to the end of October and we are now into November @anguskidman?

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