Open A Beer Bottle With A Butter Knife

No bottle opener? No problem. Just grab a butter knife from the kitchen and you can easily open a beer bottle (or anything else with a crown seal).

YouTuber Vegetashonor shows how to do it in the video above. Basically, you have to insert the knife under the edge of the cap and twist it outwards. Do that all around the edge to loosen. Then, holding the knife under the cap, bang it against a hard surface.

Life hack for beer [YouTube]


    Worst hack ever...

      Especially when there's a far more efficient (and common) method of levering the knife against your thumb (as seen typically with a Cigarette Lighter)

      screw knives...swords are more fun...
      but in lieu of a sword, i just twist the tops...even those "crown" ones...

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    Agreed. If I didn't stab myself in the face with the knife, the bottle cap to the eye would finish me off.

    As long as you don't mind the fact that this also damages the butter knife. It will put a visible warp into the blade after opening 1 bottle. (At least it will if you have standard butter knives. If you have king-kong tough as titanium, it might be a different matter).

    Also, if you do this with a knife that has serrations (not all butter knives do), you'll rip the serrations off the tip of the knife.

    The things people do to open a bottle of beer, when it's by far easier to just have a bottle opener. If you keep losing it, then have it tied to something on a string. I've got mine tied to the fridge and put on top. Completely out of site. Enough string to go 2 or 3m. That's enough. <-That = far better life hack. "Buy bottle opener. Tie to fridge with 3m of string. Hide on top of fridge. Never lose again"

    That was stupid. If you really can't find a bottle opener, this way is much quicker, easier and doesn't damage the tip or the blade of the knife.

      You're ruining their clickbait articles with your effective sensible methods!!!!

    Just smash the neck of the bottle off and drink it like a man!

    There is no excuse for beer makers to make bottles this way any more. The only difference between those stupid tops and the screw tops is the shape of the top of the bottle. If the wine industry can give up on corks why can't the beer industry give up on ancient bottle tops?

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