Office Remote Controls Presentations From Your Windows Phone

Office Remote Controls Presentations From Your Windows Phone

Windows Phone 8/Office 2013: Controlling presentations from a smartphone isn’t a new idea, but Office Remote (an experimental project from Microsoft Research) is a fairly nifty implementation. As well as enabling slide navigation and incorporating a built-in timer and laser pointer, it can also easily navigate through Excel charts and Word documents.

Office Remote only works on Windows Phone 8 with Office 2013 (and doesn’t support the Windows RT version). It’s a free download, and requires Bluetooth on your computer.

Office Remote [via Windows Phone Blog]


  • Downloaded it just then and quite like it although a few of the functions seem to be not working so well atm i.e. the laser pointer.

    • Got it on mine — its a bit slow at times, and doesn’t quite match where your finger is, but the pointer appeared for me!

  • Laser pointer not working for me either – or the phone images of the slides (they are just blank).
    Seems a bit experimental still.

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