Note.It Is A Fast, Elegant iPhone App For Quick Notes Or Checklists

iOS: Notes don't always need to be elaborate. If you're just making a quick checklist or jotting down ideas, Note.It is a dead-simple iPhone app that's easy to use and easy to read, even on the go.

You can see how the app works in the image above. Your notes are designed to be read quickly in a single scrolling view — no folders, labels or other complicated organising systems. You can can add alarms and notifications to individual notes.

There are plenty of alternative note-taking apps, and iOS 7's built-in Reminders app is arguably more feature-rich. Still, if you like the look, check it out.

Note.It ($0.99) [iTunes App Store via Note.It]


    Wunderlist is free, has a clean interface, syncs across all devices and includes more advanced features (should they be required).

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