Mustbin Guides You To Securely Capture, Organise And Share Private Data

iOS: To access important information, like your credit card details, ID cards or other notes when you don't have them around, capture them on your phone with Mustbin. It encrypts all that data, gives you 1GB of free storage, and guides you through each entry.

The guides are the coolest part of the app. You can create 'bins' for each type of organisation, such as your wallet. In your wallet, Mustbin will guide you through the process of saving all the details of your credit card with step-by-step instructions, including taking photos of it.

Mustbin uses Bincryption technology for bin-level, AES-256 encryption on every file, so it's locked down safely. Still, if you do need to share that data with someone you trust — like sending your credit card details to your partner — this is a pretty secure way to do that.

Get the app and take a day to get all of your information in it, after which it can be an invaluable tool to have.

Mustbin (free) [iTunes App Store]


    actually a gun app hey

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