Make Your Mouse Scroll Smoothly With Some Light Gadget Surgery

Make Your Mouse Scroll Smoothly With Some Light Gadget Surgery
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Most of us have a scroll wheel in our mouse that clicks at regular intervals. While this works fine for many, if you want something that moves a bit more freely, it’s actually quite simple to remove the click.

As Instructables user Crash2108 shows us, there are two little springs inside your mouse that govern the wheel’s movement. Removing one of these (specifically the left one in the picture above, but your mouse may vary) will result in free-scrolling action. Check out the link below for detailed instructions on the teardown.

How To Make A Mousewheel Scroll Smoothly [Instructables]


  • But the mouse will still report the scroll as discrete events.. meaning that you will be forever having scroll events happening accidentally.

  • Or just get the mouse which has a little button on the bottom to allow switching between friction and “frictionless”. I have one I think it is by logitech. Its bloody awesome! Scrolling down long spreadsheets are almost fun…. “spin…… weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

    • This! I have a Logitech G9x with the button.

      Also super handy for those infinite blogs out there… One swing/roll/swipe (what is the term I’m looking for?) of the wheel and it flies down the page.

      Interesting things happen when your wife goes to use it and you didn’t change it back. Not so much “Weeeeee!” as “Whaattt the f&*# did you do to the mouse!”

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