Lifehacker Awards 2013: Nominate Your Favourite Mobile OS

Lifehacker Awards 2013: Nominate Your Favourite Mobile OS

Yep, we’re still on the hunt for Lifehacker Awards nominations. This afternoon, we want your thoughts on the best mobile OS.

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2013 saw new offerings from each of the big four players: iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. But are there other niche options you prefer? Tell us your favourites and we’ll add all the best suggestions into the list for voting next week.

Throughout this week, we’ll be asking for your nominations in additional categories relating to technology, organisation and productivity. Keep visiting the site every day to see when you can nominate your favourites, and make sure you’re back when voting starts next Monday.


  • Windows Phone. It may not have gained much traction but it’s showing strong growth.

    But that aside, it really is a great smartphone OS. I’ve used Symbian, Windows Mobile 6.5, iOS, Blackberry and Android. I used to like iOS until I got shafted by Apple (iPhone 3G/iOS 4 debacle), but being a little bit obsessive compulsive I love WInPho, how it ‘just works’, everything is arranged into neat little squares and rectangles, and yet its still fully featured and incredibly powerful.

    • Yep, windows phone 8, I’ve used iOS, Android & blackberry (not the latest though). I have to admit that Microsoft & Nokia have done a great job with the OS. I’m hoping for good things for the future. I think one of the reasons why it hasn’t made much inroads is because when you go to Telstra or another Telco, they all push android more than iPhone & more than windows phone.

  • I haven’t really use WP but when I play around a bit, I really like it better than Android

    This is mine at current state
    1. iOS
    2. WP
    3. Android

    But might change to
    1. WP
    2. iOS
    3. Android

  • I want to say webOS, but for something that still sells in stores I’d go with Windows Phone.

  • windows phone! i get so many comments from co-workers and friends, its definitely the underdog, but has sooo much going for it.

  • Definitely Android. Good to have CyanogenMod with it. Firefox OS was an interesting concept but I haven’t heard much from it in a while.

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