Lifehacker Awards 2013: Nominate Your Favourite Bank

Lifehacker Awards 2013: Nominate Your Favourite Bank

Our Lifehacker Awards nominations roll on. This afternoon, we want your nominations for best bank.

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A good bank requires a combination of features: good-value accounts and loans, easy access via sites, apps and ATMs, and friendly staff if you need service. Who delivers that for you? Tell us your bank (or building society or credit union) of choice and we’ll include all the best candidates in next week’s official vote.

Throughout this week, we’ll be asking for your nominations in additional categories relating to technology, organisation and productivity. Keep visiting the site every day to see when you can nominate your favourites, and make sure you’re back when voting starts next Monday.


  • I’d like to give ING Direct as my choice – they are always very polite on the phone no matter when you call them, I can use any ATM around Australia for free as long as I withdraw $200, I get 2% off for any PayWave purchase, and they have never failed to provide a great service for the past couple of years that I have been with them.

    • +1 for ING, second place for Bankwest.

      I’d also like to nominate ANZ and Citibank as equal WORST by a large margin.

    • absolutely! netbank, kaching, instant transfers, really no competition.
      when my girlfriend transfers money to her mums account with the same bank it takes minimum 3 business days! i honesty couldnt believe it.

  • Aint gonna be one of the big four!!!

    I like CUA. Great service, pretty good products, easy to deal with.

  • I have switched to Suncorp bank. Excellent customer service, online banking works a charm and their call centre is in Australia. I also don’t get over charged for having my money in their bank.

  • I vote Commonwealth Bank. When we moved here from New Zealand they made everything so easy. When we arrived at the bank on our first day to pick up our cards they went out there way for us, we had forgotten to do some things and they went across the road, brought coffee and then fixed it all up.

    But then I have no experience of other Australian banks, maybe they are all this good?

  • Commonwealth Bank or Bank of Melbourne gets my vote
    – Both have comparable service and products available
    – Recently switched from Commonwealth to Bank of Melbourne (For their 0% balance tfr offer and decided I’d switch all accounts)
    – I would say that the commonwealth website and kaching app beats other banks

  • I’ve used 3 of the major banks banking sites and Netbank from the CBA beats the rest and then also some local / community banks and building society’s. Their layout in branches changed in the last few years for the better and I rarely have a problem with them. The only others to come close were BankWest but their website was average. Good service though.

  • Obviously nobody here with a home loan – the big 4 are money grubbing bastards and if you don’t believe it than you haven’t done the most basic of comparisons.

  • +1 for bankvic – excellent customer service, great online services, and very competitive rates with lower fees than any other bank I have come across.

  • Another Here for ING Direct, I have both a savings account and Mortgage with them, no fees, no charges, I use any ATM in Australia for free, I get cash back when I use Paywave, unlimited free transfers between my accounts, I really like this Bank.

  • Recording ridiculous profits year after year, throwing ALL countries into greater debt…. While fat cats sit at the top of the food chain and buy up every imaginable asset/resource.

    I think I speak for the new gen when I say EFF banks… They are a blight on society and those involved are immoral and depraved.

  • Never had any issues with ANZ -> High savings rates (above ING now for a while now, lots of ATMs, customer service [in my cases] always great, the app is great, the website is the best).

    I can not stress enough how many issues ive had with Citibank from Credit Cards, to general savings or transaction accounts, these guys are will never do as they say or lie about everything. Biggest banking regret of my life.

  • Another +1 for ING Direct. Paywave rebate, easy to use website and app, and some of the best customer service I have experienced over the phone.

    Downvote for Commbank (who my partner is with). High fees, non-intuitive app and website, and pretty ordinary customer service.

  • Another vote for bankvic. No fuss, no fees, great customer service and huge westpac/St George/bank of Melbourne ATM network.

    Also HSBC for the same reasons.

  • IMB (Illawarra Mutual Building Society). Great home loan rates, customer service always seems happy, never have to hold on the phone when I ring.

  • I don’t like Bankwest’s Password Policy limiting me to a max of 10 characters but since their App improvement they are great otherwise.

    Also a vote for uBank they are awesome

  • I would like to say NAB. They have no account keeping fees, a decent mobile app and have always been polite and easy to deal with!

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