Learn To Manage Social Annoyances This Weekend

Learn To Manage Social Annoyances This Weekend

Whether online or in person, life sometimes bristles with annoyances. This weekend, try out a few ways to handle them and, in some cases, block them out entirely.

Make Your Social Media Accounts Less Annoying

Spoilers, political posts and stupid arguments plague the internet, but you don’t have to see them. Browser plugins can take away the pain of daily annoyances with special filters. SocialFixer can solve lots of those problems on Facebook. You can use it to filter political posts (or anything else, for that matter) and generally customise your Facebook experience so you don’t have to deal with any crap you don’t enjoy.

A few additional handy techniques can declutter your news feed so you only see the stuff you want. You can block annoying apps from posting, too.

You may want to block problems on other sites, too. Chrome users can install Silence to hide spoilers from a variety of social networks. A few simple changes can fix YouTube’s biggest annoyances. For more options for fixing online annoyances, check out our top 10.

Manage Annoying Strangers

We can’t be friends with everyone. Many people we encounter in life will do little more than annoy us. Fortunately, we have advice to help you manage them better. Here’s a list:

While you can undoubtedly think of more annoying individuals you might encounter, those sum up the most common. They’ll always be annoying, but with the right approach you can make the best of a bad situation.

Have a great weekend!