Learn Over 60 Google Now Commands With This Infographic

Learn Over 60 Google Now Commands With This Infographic

There are a lot of cool things you can do with Google Now, but with Google constantly adding more voice commands (and integrating Google Now even more with Android KitKat), it’s easy to forget all your options. This graphic shows many of the latest instructions available if you just say “OK Google…” or tap the microphone.

If you say or type in “help” in Google Now, you’ll only get a few examples, and Google’s own voice commands list isn’t that long. This graphic, created by trendblog.net, highlights many commands you probably already know, but it’s a nice long and updated list, complete with easter eggs. Also, it’s just a good reminder of how great Google Now can be as a personal assistant and quick information tool.

Here’s the full graphic:

Remember that ‘OK Google’ only works if you set the voice search language correctly.

Awesome List of Google Now Voice Commands – KitKat Updated [trendblog.net]


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