It Is Possible To Recover Data From A Urine-Soaked Laptop

With Christmas party season now firing up, we figure this is potentially useful information. Kroll Ontrack's annual list of the weirdest reasons it has had to perform hard drive recoveries includes a man who took "pissed off with his computer" to a whole new level.

Toilet paper picture from Shutterstock

Here's how Kroll described the unexpected incident, which happened in the US:

After a night of partying, a man woke up in the middle of the night and used what he thought to be a restroom. In the morning, he discovered that it was not a restroom, and his laptop was a poor substitute for a toilet. Kroll Ontrack was able to recover 100% of the data.

The full list — including a spider-infested drive — is on the Kroll Ontrack site.


    It Is Possible To Recover Data From A Urine-Soaked LaptopWell it's technically the same problem as a regular water soaked Laptop, except for the smell. Why bother qualifying the subject...?

      Uric acids and salts. Lots of salts.

        I think you'd need to leave it for some time before any negative effects other than shorting it out, was an issue... I'd be pulling it apart and cleaning it straight away myself.... :)

        Seems irrelevant when the hdd is either solid state or at least entirely encased in metal.

      More page hits?

    The phrase "spider-infested drive" brought up this mental image of me typing away at my keyboard when all of a sudden millions of spiders start pouring out from between the keys and running up my arms...


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