Invisible Lock Screen Widget Locks Your Tablet With A Tap

Invisible Lock Screen Widget Locks Your Tablet with a Tap

Android: Tablets are great for lots of tasks, but some Android tablet designs don't have the best placement for the power button. To eliminate this minor annoyance, Invisible Lock Screen Widget allows you to lock your device with a gesture from the home screen.

The widget can be placed anywhere on your home screen and, because it's invisible, it won't ruin your aesthetic. When you want to lock your tablet, just tap the widget and away you go. It's not a revolutionary piece of software but if you're like me, you'll just be happy to not fumble around for a tiny button in the dark with a bright screen glaring in your face.

Invisible Lock Screen Widget [Google Play Store via WonderHowTo]


    Apparently this isn't a relatively new idea, but I hadn't thought of it!! Thanks very much, this is super handy for my N7.

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