How Video Meetings Save Time

The standard complaint about video conferencing is that it's a nuisance because you have to make sure that you look good and pay attention. But that effort might be worth it: video calls typically take much less time than phone calls.

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Andreas Wienold, international vice president for LifeSize Communications, made that point at a media briefing in Sydney earlier this week. One study found that a meeting which took one hour when conducted over the phone took just 35 minutes when conducted over video.

Wienold noted that the ability to interpret facial cues meant that information was conveyed more effectively. Even if the main reason is that everyone stays focused so they can stop using their "I'm interested" face as soon as possible, it's a benefit worth considering.


    It's an organisational mental barrier as well, once it is made accessible and part of normal business usage sky rockets. We have had video conferencing in our organisation for almost 8 years now, 4 years ago we averaged about 200 calls a month, today after a few tweeks and making it easy for people to use, almost fun to use in fact, we average between 3000 and 4000 calls per month. We couldn't function without it now.

    Yup. Our meetings seem much more productive, and people much more engaged, when we do them by videocon rather than telecon. (Staff on two continents...)

    Yes, we use for up to 25 video participants across the world. The meetings are shorter and definitely more productive. Our remote engineering teams loves it.

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