How To Watch The Melbourne Cup Online

No TV in the office but you still want to catch the Melbourne Cup? It's no drama this year, with the race that stops the nation being broadcast live on Telstra's Racing Network site.

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If you're a Telstra customer, you can also catch the broadcast on your mobile device without incurring data charges. The broadcast is Australia-only, but we suspect you could work around that using Hola.

Enjoy the race, and check out our racing glossary to ensure you can deploy the equestrian lingo appropriately.


    Any phone carrier can watch the Race live on the Racing Network App for Android and iOS also.

    And there is a subscription fee required to get live coverage. Play Store description of pricing seems to disagree with pricing on the actual website too.

    Any non- betting related websites? That site is banned on my network :(

      To paraphrase Bob Hawke, anyone who bans betting websites during the Melbourne Cup is a bum! (To answer your question, the Racing Network has exclusive rights, so if you can't access it you're basically out of luck.)

    Then again there's always tv and its free.

      No TV in the office but you still want to catch the Melbourne Cup?

      do you read?

        i try but get bored.

    Thanks for the tip. Worked perfectly!

    This was the first year we've been able to watch the big race in our office for as long as I can remember. In previous years we've resorted to snowy reception and listening to the race on the radio!

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