Google's Text-To-Speech App Replaces The Built-In Option

Google's Text-to-Speech App Replaces the Built-in Option

Google has released its text-to-speech engine to the Play Store, which means you can now download it on any supported device. The primary benefit is that if you weren't particularly fond of the robotic-sounding voice on devices like Samsung's Galaxy lineup, you can install and replace the default engine.

As Android Police points out, you can accomplish this on the Note 3 by heading to Settings -> Controls -> Language and input -> Text-to-speech options. Your own device options may vary.

Google Text-to-Speech [Google Play Store via The Verge, Android Police]


    Can somebody please explain to me why in the screenshot (and on a Galaxy Note that we have), that English is not one of the supported languages?

      In the screenshot, those are options to download extra language packages if necessary. English is the default, therefore you don't need to download anything extra.

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