Google Maps Now Has Public Transport Directions For Tasmania (But Still No Melbourne)

We're always happy to see more Australian public transport systems added to Google Maps, so we're rejoicing that Tasmania is now featured. But it reminds us, yet again, that Melbourne, Australia's second-biggest city, still isn't included.

That's not Google's fault; it needs to source `the information from the Victorian Department of Transport, which has been promising it for years but failing to deliver. Get it sorted, Victoria!

The Tasmanian data covers bus services in Hobart, Launceston and Burnie. It's accessible both on the web site and through Google's iOS and Android apps.

Transit information now available for Tasmanians on Google Maps [Google Australia Blog]


    what a shamozzle that this is taking as long as it is for the rest of melbourne!!

    Wow, I'm so confused right now. Are you telling me Perth was actually ahead of other parts of the country? I'm pretty sure that's one of the signs of the apocalypse :/

      I read years ago when we got it it was because we have one transport company so it was much easier to set up.

        i can only assume this is the case with Tassie as well. bugger all options down here.

      Iv confused as you are Tony, I assumed it was in all cities years before ours.

    Can we get a follow up on why the Victorian Department of Transport is still dragging its feet?

      because even google is refusing to accept myki

    I've been travelling to Melbourne this year for work and I was amazed that there was no public transport info on google. 'No worries' I thought. 'I'll just download an app on my Nexus 4'. A minute later I had some abortion of an Android app (PTV) that they couldn't have made crappier if it was a web page.

    I'm living in Rockhampton, the gooch of Australia, that has a bus system that run a total of 9 routes, yet every stop is marked on google maps.

    Isn't there a Shelbyville version of Tripview or something? I relied on that for years before Sydney was added to Google Maps transit.

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