Google Maps Adds Step-By-Step Previews

Google has updated Google Maps today with helpful features that will make exploring a new city or travelling a bit smoother. These include street-level photos and the return of Pegman.

The best improvements are with Street View, which was already a useful tool. Google has made it easier to access Street View photos and explore a new location with Pegman: Click on him and the areas with street-level photos will light up in blue. You can hover over the highlighted road to jump directly to the street-level preview.

Street-level snapshots are also incorporated when you're asking Google for directions. You can now choose the "Preview steps" from the directions card to get step-by-step directions with photo previews. That should make navigating a lot easier, since you know what the major landmarks look like in your directions.

Google has also added traffic incident reports, with data from Waze, so you can see real-time incidents where they happen on the map. (We haven't found Waze data so useful in Australia, though.)

Finally, if you just want some inspiration or to virtually globe-trot, Google Map's Earth Tours will take you around the world with 3D images from a bird's eye view.

The new features are rolling out today for those who opted into the Google Maps preview, and over the next few weeks for everyone else.

From where you are to where you want to go [Google Maps]


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